What is a Stock Exchange?

A Stock Market is a place where stocks (shares) can be bought and sold.

What is a quoted company?

A quoted company is a company whose sharers are traded on the stock exchange

What type of instruments are traded in Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE)?

  1. Equity Shares 2) Debentures 3) Mutual Funds 4) Corporate bonds

How do I place an order on DSE?

Select the broker you want to trade with, open a BO account with the broker, place your orders with the broker.

What is a BO account?

A Beneficiary Owners account is used to hold your shares. It is mandatory to open a BO if you want to start trading shares. Click here to open yours now. https://bnbbd.com/account/register.php

Why Choose Us?

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How can I start trading?

  • Open a BO account with us
  • Deposit your desired amount
  • Download the mobile app
  • Start trading!